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    Monitor heater

    what model number is the heater. if the thermister is bad the display should read 42.

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    Linda C

    Monitor heater

    My heater is flashing Lo on the display instead of the current temperature. I think I need a new sensor cord. As long as it flashes Lo it will not

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    Cedar Shingle Roof/Fascia Interface

    Looking at your new photo I can see water and dirt stains right under the 2 inch fascia piece. Also right below the metal I see what looks like nail

    HayZee518 Yesterday, 10:10 PM Go to last post

    Cedar Shingle Roof/Fascia Interface

    Thanks HayZee518 for replying.I don't know if the metal actually goes up under that 3rd row of shingles, I am guessing it does. This bears the question,

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    Payment structure for new garage

    Thanks again for the info. I Appreciate the Advice.

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    Garage Floor Advice

    Kinda hard to remove the tar because you have to heat it to become fluid, then you can scrape it up. You might put down a skim coat of concrete but what's

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    Stuck gate valve, any idea?

    I would suspect that the threads inside the valve bonnet are corroded to the point, that a direct replacement is necessary. Get hold of your water department

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    Garage Floor Advice

    I need some advice on how to repair the floor in my garage. For some reason the previous owner tarred over the cement and its starting to crack and fall

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    Stuck gate valve, any idea?

    The supply main into the my house is a grayish (iron??) pipe with a small gate valve on it.
    The house isn't old (built 1999) but I never turn the

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    Who can I trust???

    Will be out of town until next week and take a look at it then. I appreciate your time and help and will keep you posted. At least where I will be going

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