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  1. Help!
  2. Must read material for the diy
  3. How Long Do You Want It?
  4. Why so many nipples?
  5. The tent caterpillars
  6. OOPS
  7. water off FIRST
  8. Do you take credit cards?
  9. Repairing the Landlord's Repairs.
  10. Make sure it fits first
  11. How NOT to remove your old sink.....
  12. Is that hot??
  13. Over Sea's Service dept.s defenetly not "Old School".
  14. May not be funny, but....
  15. Icicles on the south Texas gulf coast!
  16. know of any funny home repair disaster stories?
  17. The busy Bumblebee
  18. Diy Project Gone Sour
  19. Venting!
  20. Overheard on a remodel job
  21. Union workers
  22. dadgum brake job
  23. copper tubing roll
  24. Starling that thinks he's a duck
  25. Weedwhacker Repair
  26. Attic Fan
  27. there is always one set of idiots.
  28. They say things come in threes..
  29. Advice column
  30. Not my story but darn funny
  31. A wonderful set of shplices
  32. Dog and Parrot
  33. Great Stuff spray foam and a door
  34. humour for tv and radio technicians
  35. Dryer quit working
  36. Problems faced by beginning DIY'ers
  37. had a breakthrough experience!
  38. Home Improvment
  39. A 10 year old and his bow and arrow.