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04-13-2005, 10:59 AM
A couple of years ago, I expanded the existing deck on our home from a simple 8x12 rectangle to a two level, 12x12 and 10x15 deck. Last spring, I finally finished setting in all (or at least most)of the lighting. That was the start. (The picture below is the deck nearing completion)

Of course, a project that size leaves a lot of scrap. The north end of the yard is bordered by a six foot high fence and is where we put the swingset, the sandbox, all the trappings of having kids, and just for the whimsy of it, I'm going to build a Hobbit Door on the fence. I haven't really put the steps to the process yet, so I'll just work it out here, 'k?

- Cut the steps from the old deck down to two, making that about 18" high, and mount that to the fence at one of the post locations.
- Using 1-by scrap build a door, round top, about 36" high in the center, and mount it (permanently closed) at the top step. Apply old iron strap hinges and some sort of handle to the front.
- Frame out the door using 2-by stock. The challenge here is matching the arch on the door
- Landscape around the bottom of the stairs, including a small mailbox on a pole and a flower pot on the bottom step

That's as far as I've gotten in my head, but I think that covers it. If anyone has any suggestions for the arched frame, I'll happily listen. I've considered bandsawing a 2x4 down into 1/2" thick sections and making the arch by laminating the strips together...that ought to work, eh?

The deck, just nearing completion. The view is from about the spot where I want to put the Hobbit door...:

Measure with a micrometer
Mark with a crayon
Cut with an axe.

04-14-2005, 06:48 AM
sounds cool. I would have LOVED something like that when I was younger.

04-17-2005, 08:55 PM
The (mostly) finished hobbit door. Still need some more greenery, a mailbox, hardware on the door, a few other props, but the principle thought is there. My father in law had a terrific idea - go ahead and hinge it (it's screwed to the fence right now) and have someone paint a scene behind the door. Next week, eh?



Measure with a micrometer
Mark with a crayon
Cut with an axe.