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08-04-2005, 10:07 AM
I was asked to put this as a new post, so here goes. My boss wants me to give him a bid on retiling his bathroom- shower enclosure, tub surround, and floor. Also have to do a little drywall hanging and finishing. I am a little nervous about it as it is my boss, and I don't have any idea what to charge him. He has already done the demo and some new framing for the shower as he is putting in a glass enclosure (wall) and he insists it is square and plumb. We will see....

Was mentioned on another post about code issues???


Gimme a good how to book, and I'll try anything!

08-04-2005, 11:23 AM
Due to the high humidity levels and the liklihood of splashing water on the walls normal sheetrock may not be used on the walls in a bathroom.

Bathroom walls ( except in the shower enclosure) are to be made with Water Resistant Gypboard (Green board).

NOTE: code references -IRC =International Residential Code & UPC = Uniform Plumbing Code.


1. Greenboard MAY NOT be applied over a vapor barrier IRC 702.4 UPC 2512

2. Greenboard ok for direct adhesive application of ceramic tile (Not in a shower) IRC 702.4.3 & UPC 2512

3. All cut or exposed edges must be sealed with a water resistant sealant IRC 702.4.3 UPC-Per Manufacturers specifications

4. Greenboard may not be applied on a ceiling if the framing is greater than 12" center to center. IRC 702.4 & UPC 2512

5. Water resistant materials must extend to a minimum of 72" above the finished drain of the tub or shower. IRC 307.2 The UPC requires the water resistant materials to extend to minimum of 70" above the finished drain height -UPC 807.1.3


1. Suitable for adhesive ceramic tile IRC 702.4.1 UPC- Check local code requirements.

2.Backerboard REQUIRES BUILDING PAPER BACKING (moisture barrier) IRC-per manufacturers specifications & UPC 807.1.3

3. Backerboard requires water resistant fasterners _IRC-Per Mfg instructions & UPC 807.1.3

4. All joints covered with water resistant sealant _IRC 702.4.2 & UPC 807.1.3

5. Backerboard MUST extend to 72" above the finished drain elevation IRC307.2 UPC = 70" UPC 807.1.3

08-06-2005, 12:58 PM
Any ideas on why greenboard can't be applied to the ceiling if greater than 12" framing? So, do you have to add more framing or do you just go with regular drywall? (doesn't seem too smart to use regular even if it is a ceiling in the shower.) Cut edges of greenboard- what kind of water resistant sealant? If you are using the greenboard on walls-(not shower) does it still need this sealant? Doesn't the mortar you are setting the tile with and are supposed to go over the seams with (with the fiberglass tape) count? We were going to use concrete board in the shower up to a point and then green above that. Boss had it plumbed for a "rainfall" shower head, so water will be coming straight down. They wanted to tile up to about 6.5-7 feet (guessing) and then just have it painted above that. They have high ceilings. Also, glad you brought up to 72" above the drain thing, as we were going to put a row of 18" tile around tub. More than likely, house had greenboard already around the tub, right? Just an assumption....

Gimme a good how to book, and I'll try anything!