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11-08-2005, 12:42 PM
Hi! I am new to the forum and just beginning to do some faux finish jobs. I have a client who is looking for her kitchen walls to look like her silk iridescent draperies. I have looked into a mother-of-pearl kind of finish and was just wondering if anyone had any better hints. Also, where could I buy pearlescent acrylics? I am assuming the art store I usually visit but the lady who answered the phone didn't seem to know much. Thanks in advance, Meghan Henley

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11-08-2005, 12:54 PM
Hi Meghan,
I am really amazed at how much you can find at both Loew's and Home Depot these days in the way of faux paints. I would also try a speciality paint store.
Hummmm, Knoxville. My wife and I both gradusted from MTSU. We are from middle Tennessee area just north of Nashville.

Let us know what you find.
Have fun, Tom:)

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11-08-2005, 12:57 PM
Wow! It is a small world. My husband's grandparent's live near you. They are technically in Panama City I think and my in-law's have a condo in Destin. Thanks for the advice. I will check Home Depot tomorrow.

11-12-2005, 12:21 PM
X-Y boy you look like ol man Bush!

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11-12-2005, 01:01 PM
Yep.........[8D]I've heard that one before. My math students would tell me that too........Now if I just had his money...:)

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09-07-2006, 04:22 PM
Hello, Home Depot sells a brand of paints that come in silver, gold, pearl, etc. that are irredescent. They are usually with their faux finishing products. Sherwin Williams also has their own line of irredescent colors in silvers, golds, copper, pearl, etc. I believe some of Home Depot's are more transparent, but, I have used Sherwin Williams products for the techniques I've done. I find the Home Depot's products seem to need to be mixed much more frequently. I felt the Sherwin Williams Products went further. I think Benjamin Moore also sells the same brand found at Home Depot. Jan Gamelin Distinctive Scenes www.distinctivescenes.com

01-28-2007, 06:27 PM
To get started with this, you might want to go around and prep your base boards and put tape down below. With this particular type of fauxing it's really not necessary that you have to do that, but you do need to have that clean rag handy because if you do happen to get some of the faux down here, which is inevitable and it is going to happen. You can just take your rag and wipe it off quickly, and it should come off right away.

If, also at the same time, you might want to go ahead and wipe off before you put the tape on, because this always gathers dust. So no matter where you live or what you do, this is going to have dust on it. So you want to make sure that you dust it first before you put the tape on it, or it won't stick.

Also, if you like, you can take off your switches and your plates. And it will give you a beautiful faux all the way up to the edge of these. Or you can try to tape them up- we'll just take them off. That way- it's much easier that way.

And also, to add, when you are doing your fauxing, inevitably it always happens- even to me- we're going to drip some on the way. So just make sure, very important, to wipe that drip off immediately because if you let it dry you'll have more issues trying to resolve that later.