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02-15-2007, 09:50 PM
Can someone tell me what it may cost to have a garage moved back about 10 feet? We bought a new house last March and the builder at first assured us that it was code to build the garage 10 feet from the house but he was going to give us 12 feet. We felt really uncomfortable and had a lot of time to play around with his 12 feet and could see it was just too close to the house due to the way the house is situated. We talked him into 16 feet and he had it done that way for us. But that 16 feet was closer than we thought and the back door is so close to the drive that after the final inspection was done on the house my husband cut the corner off the back porch to give us more room to back the car out. It still feels too close and I only backed the car out one time, and didn't pull the car in until the corner of the porch was removed. We are happy with the house as we were able to buy the lot next door from him as well, but we sure wish we had more room to get the car out of the garage. Me especially. Can someone tell me what it may cost to have a job like this done? We figure adding 10 feet of concrete behind the garage, and having the garage moved back to that point would be helpful. We would also need to have the electrical moved to
the new location.

We live in Redford, MI

02-15-2007, 09:56 PM
the garage bottom plate is probably bolted to the foundation and so is the middle pillar if its a two car garage. to have the whole thing jacked up and moved will be around $25,000. Another option would be to cut off the rafters from the top plate and have it craned off the structure, remove each wall as a unit and rebuild it on the other site. We're talking big bucks - I'm sorry to say :(