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08-24-2008, 12:36 AM
I apologize in advance for the long post, but I need some creative/artistic help and want to be as detailed as possible for you.

I have a room with 13' ceilings. On one of the walls there is a loft/storage space above, where the wall is only 8' high. So, the loft/storage area is 4' high and goes back about 10' deep. The length of the area (and room itself) is 19'. This loft area is currently wide open. The previous owner, who is an artist, had installed 3 spot lights at the edge of the loft that are directed to the back loft wall where she had 3 of her original paintings hanging. This is a cool design idea that I would like to keep, but at the same time I need to use some of that space for storage.

So, what I hoped to do was try and build sliding doors up there (3 doors) about halfway back (approximately 4' back). This way, I'd have my storage space hidden behind the sliding closet doors, yet still be able to incorporate the 3 spot lights shining back onto the facing of the closet doors where I can hang some cool artwork myself.

These are some questions I have in no particular order of importance:

1. Are there track/rail kits that are 19' long? If so, what kind would I need to get and from where?

2. Is all I would need to do is install tracks to the ceiling and floor and cut the doors to fit? Or is there something else I need to do, such as framing the ceiling, floor and walls first?

2. What would be the best material to use for the doors? The 3 doors (in order to match the 3 spot lights) would each need to be about 6'6"L and 4'H. I would need for the material to be compatible with the tracks/rails, yet be kind of cool rather than drab wood as they will be the backdrops for the artwork I will hang on them.

3. If I need to use wood, what is that best wood to use that is solid all the way through?

4. Since I would need to access this storage area that is 8' up, I was thinking about installing a sliding library ladder on the wall. Where the heck can I get one of those? Can they be easily built?

I'm sure I'll have more questions, but basically I'm interested in knowing how to build these unique-sized sliding closet doors and what is the best material to use to get the effect I'm looking for, since this is a high-traffic area that will be in plain view for everyone who enters the house? It is important that this looks good and not be shoddy looking and, at the same time, be relatively inexpensive.


08-24-2008, 03:18 AM
for hardware for a ladder try www dot rockler dot com. possibly that may work is two bi-fold doors. you will have to cut them down and insert a one inch thick piece of wood inside the hollow portion of the door(s) the upper part is fixed in one corner and rotates in a metal piece, the other end up top slides by means of a roller inside a U shaped track. the track you'd fasten to the top plate of your loft framing through the sheetrock.