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  1. How to Clean Grime from Woodwork

    If you want to avoid stripping and refinishing the woodwork in your home, try cleaning it first. Sometimes all it needs is a good scrubbing!

    For painted surfaces: Simply scrub with soap and warm water.

    For Clear Finishes: Mix equal parts paint thinner and a mild soap, like Murphy Oil Soap. Apply to the area with a sponge or paint brush. Wipe the Solution off with a clean rag to remove the dirt. You might remove a thin layer of varnish or shellac, since the grime may have
  2. Easy Organization Tip!

    I donít know about you, but it seems like I never have a place for recipes Iíve cut out, or a shopping list, or any piece of paper that might be in my kitchen. However, Iíve discovered a remedy!

    All you need are self-adhesive cork tiles and patience. You can find the cork tiles at any craft or home improvement store, but here is an example that I found on Amazon:

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    I recommend putting these on the inside of your cabinet doors
  3. The Best Gardening Tools

    Summer is pretty much in full swing and I bet a lot of you guys are spending time outdoors in gardens and yards. Well, if you want to make the most of your hard work outside, you need the right tools. Iíve compiled a list of some the best tools for gardening, so keep reading for

    First off, you need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Nitrile Weeding Glove is great for women. These gloves are light weight and generally fit
  4. How to Cover an Ugly Wall Vent

    Do you have any of those rectangular air vents in your home, whether they're on the floor or the wall? Well if you do, and you hate having such an eyesore, I have the perfect remedy! And best of all, it's cheap!

    If you choose to purchase a vent cover for your air vent, it's going to cost you a pretty penny. However, follow these steps for a pretty and cheap alternative!

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    You'll want to measure your vent to make sure you get a mat
  5. How to Clean up Pet Accidents

    Even the best trained cats/dogs can have accidents. My two cats are pretty well trained, but one of them peed on the rug this weekend, so accidents can and do happen!

    Don't worry, it's relatively easy to get rid of the stain and odor left behind after an accident. There are numerous methods for stain and odor removal, but I'm going to detail the method that I found to work best for me. Keep reading for the steps!

    You will need white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, liquid hand
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