The Best Gardening Tools

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Summer is pretty much in full swing and I bet a lot of you guys are spending time outdoors in gardens and yards. Well, if you want to make the most of your hard work outside, you need the right tools. Iíve compiled a list of some the best tools for gardening, so keep reading for

First off, you need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands.

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The Nitrile Weeding Glove is great for women. These gloves are light weight and generally fit pretty well, so youíre able to have full use of your hand and fingers. They machine wash and dry quickly, too! They come in small, medium, and large.

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For the men out there, the HandMaster Menís Gardening Thorn Glove is great for handling anything sharp or prickly. These are relatively light weight while still offering quality and durability. Theyíre only offered in one size, but the wrist has a snug fit so it should fit anyone pretty well.

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The 3 Tine Cultivator by Sneeboer is the perfect size. The handle isnít too short or too long, and itís perfect for turning and mixing soil. This cultivator is made in Holland and comes with a lifetime guarantee Ė you canít beat that!

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The Power Rake by Lee Valley is just that Ė powerful. This rake does everything from gathering leaves and mulch to spreading fertilizer, and everything in between. This rake also tends to just glide along, making it easy on your back!

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The Fiskars Lop-N-Saw is two tools in one. Itís not only a lop; it also has a 6-inch saw located in the handle! Itís light weight at only 2 pounds, but it still strong enough to get the job done!

This is another great product by Fiskars: the Bypass Pruner! This handy little thing has a soft-grip handle that reduces discomfort and also provides a non-slip surface for safety. This pruner is also made of materials that are built to last.

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