Easy Organization Tip!

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I donít know about you, but it seems like I never have a place for recipes Iíve cut out, or a shopping list, or any piece of paper that might be in my kitchen. However, Iíve discovered a remedy!

All you need are self-adhesive cork tiles and patience. You can find the cork tiles at any craft or home improvement store, but here is an example that I found on Amazon:

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I recommend putting these on the inside of your cabinet doors so you can keep your random pieces of paper out of the way, but you can put them wherever you like. However, be wary of the adhesive; I donít know what would happen if you tried to remove it from a painted wall, etc.

So, all I did was peel the film off covering the adhesive and stick to the cabinet door. Thatís it. Super easy and it looks great!

I found this idea over at Young House Love.

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    Speaking of organizing tips. Does anyone have experience with any web sites to help maintain your home? I've started my own Excel spreadsheet to help with the process but it seems like there should be a better way. I found a couple web sites that seem to offer some help and wondered if anyone knows of others. The two I found are and I signed up for them both but I'm not sure which one to put my energy into because I have to add all my appliances and other things that need some sort of maintenance and that will take a little time. It looks like HomeShape offers the most help and actually locates ownerís manuals and other repair and maintenance information for you including a calendar where they schedule things like haz waste and yard collection dates.