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Thread: Orange Flame

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    Orange Flame

    When you start seeing orange flame in your burn chamber, what is that indicative of? Does this mean my burn cloth is old due replacement? It only happens when the burner is burning at the highest setting. How long can I put off maintainance without causing damage? Thanks!

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    I would first check my burner ring and burner mat. If that is not it start looking at your air pressure. It will let you know if you have waited too long when it starts flashing.

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    the yellow means incomplete combustion and the kerosene isn't burning properly. around the burner ring are a set of fine holes where air and kerosene vapors come out and are burned. it should be a blue color. yellow means raw kero is burning and will cause soot all over the inside of the pot. low air pressure at high flame is indicative of a yellow flame. check the output of the blower with a manometer. bearings are 608Z double sealed bearings. some blowers have sintered bronze bearings. look for rubber plugs in the end bell of the blower. these are for oil.

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