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Thread: Toilet flapper open too long

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    Toilet flapper open too long

    I just replace the flapper in my toilet tank with what I thought was a universal flapper from Fluidmaster. Now the flapper stays open too long and sometimes does not close at all. I hooked the new flapper to the mounting arms on the original flush valve standpipe. Apparently this flapper does not work like my original did. Would the ajustable type flapper from Fluidmaster solve my problem? Thanks.

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    Before replacing this flapper double check the mounts to make sure that they are not binding on the posts.

    Also check the flush handle to make sure it is properly returning to the at rest position then check the chain to make sure it is adjusted correctly.

    The chain should have bout two links of slack when the flapper is down and the flush handle is in the at rest position. If the chain is too long it will get sucked into the flush valve as the water discharges then it prevents the flapper from properly sealing.

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    Chances are the back of the flapper is hitting the overflow tube in the up position. I have come across this situation many times, that cause your problem. I just carefully carve off just what I need to. Voila.

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