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    Cool Drano in vent stack on the roof?

    So we had a new addition put in a few years ago; kitchen relocated; island vent.

    The sink drains fine, but there is a slow bubbling sound after one runs some water.

    It literally came to me in the middle of one night that the vent stack for this sink may be plugged creating a vacuum. I went to the roof, snaked it and the gurgling went away for a while now it is back.

    Can I pour a shitload of DRANO in the vent stack?

    Thanks in advance!
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    probably wouldn't hurt if there's no traps along the way.

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    Of course if you have any galvanized, cast iron, or copper pipes along the way that don't get rinsed clean you may have to contend with the effects of the corrosive drain cleaner on your pipes...

    I'm more interested in how the island sink drain was plumbed. It does sound like venting it properly was not a consideration when it was installed...
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