Our home is two stories with a Dutch style Mansard type roof and open gable ends. For whatever reason, access from outside to the basement was not built on the gable end, rather, put on the side where the roof comes down to the first floor ceiling. The doorway entrance has a two foot extension with a regular Bilco metal door attached.
In late fall 2008, we installed a secondary wood heating system to supplement the oil hot air heat. The only easy access to the basement is compromised during precipitation days, with both rain coming off the roof and/or snow piled up on the door, creating slippery steps when bringing wood into the basement.
I would like to build some sort of roof shelter onto the existing roof to extend out at least over the opening to the basement. I really don't know what would look like it belonged there and still provide somewhat dry access to the basement. Any ideas would be welcomed.
I've found this picture as the best which shows the bulkhead unit on the right side of the photo and what sort of problems occur at present. /Users/gerardpeterson/Desktop/100_0098.JPG