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  1. ceiling in our family room is "celtex quares from 60-70s

    What is our chances on dangerous fumes cancer etc, with this ceiling, in here. What would you do about it?.Its not damaged anywhere, in good condition, we been here 23 years.If not to worry please...
  2. I thank you very much, i'll take your advice .Iam...

    I thank you very much, i'll take your advice .Iam not near as fussy about all the frills that are offered , do like the very clear pictuers/ that will suit me cheers bob s
  3. flatscreen tv /choices and./quality comparison

    hello! i write bold, because my eyes see it better, after i have written it. please don't think i am yelling or the like. I need to get opinions on tv's i am senior ctizen and want to get what i need...
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