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    Installing niche/cubby in bathroom

    I'm not sure this is a plumbing question, but can I install a niche in the wall above the shower head in my bathroom? My contractor seems to think not, that the niche would be too high to wipe out...
  2. Can Hardie Board Be Installed on 2x3" Lumber?

    I'm building an interior wall at the end of my bathtub to surround the plumbing. After the wall is built there will be a small space between the new wall and the existing bathroom wall for cabinet...
  3. Is combined primer/paint a good choice for house exterior?

    My 100 year old clapboard sided house is in need of paint. The contractor I'm thinking of hiring wants to use a combination primer/paint product so that only one coat would be applied, rather than...
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    Door knobs keep falling off spindles

    Several door knobs in my 1908 home keep falling off their spindles. The set screws are in all the way in each case, but the knobs slip off when opening the doors. Are the spindles stripped? Are...
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    Toilet won't always fill automatically

    In the last 3 or so months, my toilet won't always fill automatically when it is flushed. This is a recent situation after living in the same home for over 20 years. When flushed, the toilet will...
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    Repair Old Triple Track Storms

    Please help. A recent nasty windstorm sent a large tree limb crashing into the side of my home, taking with it one old triple track storm window, one triple track storm screen and the interior...
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    Wet Paint Peels Away from Primer

    Please help. After spackling, sanding, vacuuming and washing with a light solution of Spic & Span, I primed interior walls & ceiling with 2-year old Glidden Interior/Exterior Gripper Primer Sealer,...
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    Loose vintage storm windows

    Hello, everyone. My vintage wood storm windows are each hung in place with one metal hinge at the top. There is a handle at the bottom to pull them open for cleaning (the inner window does not...
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