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    Second Coat Difficulties.

    Old cedar paneled front door. Stripped down to the first coat. Applied latex primer without any issues. Next day applied latex semi gloss neutral Weatherbeater mistakenly believing it was white...
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    Love that blue bath tub!

    Nothing to offer here, except to say that when the faucets are fixed, you have a rockin' blue bath tub. (found your thread because i am researching my own tub faucet issue.)
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    Weekend Plumbing Internship

    Well, a funky bathtub faucet valve prompted me to do what I thought would be a quick fix by replacing the seal. But to do that meant turning the shut off valve for the second floor. After a few...
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    Replacing Main Water Shutoff Valve

    I would like to replace the old valves that control the main water line inside the house. There are two, one street side of the meter, and the other house side of the meter. The house side valve has...
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    Thank You

    I appreciate everyone's thoughtful advice and discussion about the use of deck screws.

    I didnt disclose another big motivation to do this job right, is workers are coming in two weeks to remove...
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    Replacement Basement Stairs

    After wobbling on the lower flight of basement stairs, I replaced the stringers and treads in our small 1920s dutch colonial. For the stringer, I used a 7 foot length of treated 2 x 10. (We have had...
  7. Bronze Replacement Screen Worth The Extra Cost?

    I am replacing some of the old ripped screens on my wood frame window screens. It seems the original screens were a bronze or copper wire mesh. I am inclined to replace the old screens with new...
  8. No punch outs at ends

    The cheap fluorescent light fixtures are called "wrap arounds" and the ends are metal, but without punch outs. With the fluorescent tubes installed, the space inside the fixture is pretty tight. ...
  9. Proper use of junction box feeding fluorescent light fixture.

    I am installing four inexpensive enclosed fluorescent tube light fixtures in my unfinished basement. The instructions say I should have the twist on connections between the light fixture leads and...
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    Door stile split repair.

    I am trying to rejuvenate a weathered exterior wood panel side door. The door opens at ground level, so it is exposed to alot of rain and snow over the years. It has southern exposure to the sun. I...
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