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Thread: Painted cabinets & fingernails...

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    Painted cabinets & fingernails...

    I just painted my kitchen cabinets. Here's the process I used: lightly sanded to get the sheen off, followed by TSP to get them good and clean. 1 coat of Gripper primer, followed by 3 coats of a Behr semi-gloss latex. All the paints/primer had Floetrol added eliminating brush and roller marks. They look magnificent. That is, unless you open one of the cabinets and your finger nail nicks the paint.

    Also, when the drawers are closed, the paint pulls off when opened...

    Here's my question: is there a clear coat or something else I can apply to protect the paint and make the finish more durable?

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    -- Mitch

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    Sorry to hear that all of your hard work has literally peeled away from your hands. Like you, I have had paint strip off of cabinets that I worked very hard to prep and then paint.... The reason for this issue--in my situation--is because I had failed to use a oil-or alkyd-based paint, which is less likely to peel.

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