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Thread: Peeling Paint

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    Peeling Paint

    My 20 year old home is covered with painted cedar siding and is subject to intense sun during the summer. As a result, after a few years the paint fades and develops something of a powdery appearance. My painter suggested this time that we use Sherwin-Williams Duration paint as it is the most flexible and long-lasting. He thought that with the intense heat the cedar siding was flexing, putting stress on the paint. The siding does have many fine cracks in it which the painter said he filled with caulk.

    He power washed the house first and then applied a coat of Duration. This was last September when temperatures were in the 80's and there was no rain. Within 2 months the Duration paint started to crack and peel in numerous places. Most of these places are where there are fine cracks in the siding. I had Sherwin-Williams come and look and they sent a sample to their lab. There only conclusion was that the cedar siding was flexing more than the tolerances of the paint and there was nothing that can be done.

    My suspicion is that the painter did not allow the siding to dry long enough after the power washing and that moisture may be causing this problem. But I'm no expert. I have tried scraping and pulling off the paint which has peeled, caulking the fine cracks with polyurethane caulk and putting another 2 coats of Duration over those areas. A few spots are starting to peel again, although not as bad as before.

    Any suggestions on what I can do? Would a product such as Peel Stop or Peel Bond help with these areas? If it is moisture which has caused the problem, will just leaving everything alone for the entire summer solve that problem by letting it dry out in the summer heat? Replacing all the siding, or even parts of it, is not an option as I have a large home.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    We too had Sherwin-Williams Duration paint and it lasted for 5 years

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    Has the siding been stained prior to being painted? If so this could be a cause. The oil based stain and possibly sealer over that could prevent the paint from adhering correctly.dfg

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