I have a split system AC unit, and the Fan motor (3 wires) on the outdoor unit stopped working a few days ago. It is about 90 degrees here so we noticed quickly. I checked out the unit, and realized the fan motor was hot to the touch (so hot that you couldn't hold it in your hand for more than a couple seconds), so I surmised the motor had gone bad, as it was still getting power. I picked up a new one (4 wires), and installed it.

The new motor came with a 2 prong capacitor. The old motor had a dual run (3 prong) capacitor. So I wired the new fan to the new capacitor, and kept the old capacitor in place for the wiring to the contactor and the condenser.

The new fan motor started right up, but i was not getting any cold air. I then bought a new 3 prong capacitor so that i could wire the fan motor and condenser/contactor to it, and capped the 4th wire (brown with white stripe). The fan would not start. So I rewired the fan to the 2 prong capacitor, and the contactor and condenser to the new 3 prong capacitor. The fan again worked, but still no cold air.

I have attached a diagram of how it is currently wired (no pun intended). I know very little of how this stuff works, other than what i have read on this forum.

If anyone could provide some insight it would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.