The cops can't do that because the town's funding pays their salary. In other words they write the tickets that pay for their existence.
I live in New York right across the canadian border. Our town has no police. We are located thirty miles in two directions and forty five miles north of the New york State Police. It takes up to an hour for the nysp to arrive at our town if an infraction takes place. the other two places, a half hour to get here. an accident, a robbery, an altercation, ain't nobody around when you need them. we have a sign on the library that shows the presence of the nysp, but it is un-manned. four times my rural mailbox has been run over by the same vehicle. cops investigate but they won't push it. they take descriptions of what they see and what I saw. I have on my porch an antenna off the vehicle, several lens pieces from the vehicle and a shattered mirror from the same vehicle. Asked the cops if they could it for evidence. they said, "how would we prove those came from THAT vehicle?" Dumb cops!
Two years ago I got a fine of $130.00 for a dirty license plate on a wintery day, road slop all around.