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Thread: KitchenAid Fridge Defrost Drain Issue

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    I dumped quite a bit of very hot water down
    Don't use water that's hot enough to melt styrofoam. Maybe test your water by putting it in a styrofoam cup first. If it melts the cup, it'll damage your fridge.

    As to whether the problem is due to the fact that the fridge was never fully defrosted, I kinda doubt that, but it's possible. The only thing you can do is leave the fridge and freezer doors open (for faster manual defrosting) for a few days, and hope the problem goes away by itself as a result. If you find that the evaporator drain keeps clogging with ice, then I expect the root of the problem is waterlogged styrofoam parts, and the only fix is to replace them or buy a new fridge.

    It took me about 3 hours to replace the styrofoam evaporator housing on my fridge, and the part cost about $35. Perhaps someone with more experience doing that job woulda done it faster, but you can use that time frame to get some idea of how much the repair would cost. Much of the time was spent transferring the wiring harness from the old water logged evaporator housing to the new one. There are a lot of wires that run through that evaporator housing to the fridge door switch and light bulb, the cold control, the defrost timer, heater and thermostat. It's a long job. And, I could tell the evaporator housing was water logged because the new part was light as a feather, as styrofoam normally is, but the old part was heavy as sin.

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    I believe I posted that it turned out it was just an ice blockage
    Yes but what caused the ice blockage? Slow draining can result in that.

    I recall having a fridge many years ago that we let sit for a few days without being plugged in. After that time, even after plugging in and allowing it to get cold, it had an awful smell that would never go away
    Leaving the fridge off with the doors closed will often cause that although it usually lakes longer than just a few days.

    I was very surprised to see just how difficult it was to get it to fully defrost
    On newer models the drain tube is inside the cabinet and surrounded with insulation protecting it from external heat sources.


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