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Thread: I need help with my receiver please

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    I need help with my receiver please

    Howdy all,
    so I have a Yamaha HTR-5730 that I need some help with. I've repaired receivers and amplifiers before, output transistors, tubes, ac filter caps, etc. but when I opened this one I realized I had no idea what I was looking for or what to test for replacement. I'll throw in some pics at the bottom of this post but first I'll give some history on what's been going on with this thing.
    About two years ago, the left channel completely died, and not knowing how to fix this particular type of receiver, I just spliced my speakers into the right channel and left it.
    Then, about a year ago, the different inputs quit working one by one. VCR, DVD, 6-channel, AUX, all died one at a time until I was left with just the CD input and now that too is done.
    When the CD input finally died, the tuner quit working too (or maybe the whole amp circuit, maybe the tuner still works but it's just not coming out)
    Power turns on and stays on. The display still works. No humming noticed during it's life time. Just no sound now.
    Like I mentioned before, I'm fairly competent with electrical repair. I just need someone more experienced to point me in the right direction in this case. Thanks for your time. Here are the pics:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If anyone needs more detail just ask. Thanks again!
    edit: Also, I did a visual inspection of the components and noticed no scorch marks or deformities. When I opened it up, it was very dusty inside. Maybe caused some overheating?
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