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Thread: DIY Toyostove Setback Controller

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    DIY Toyostove Setback Controller

    Since the Toyo Laser’s only have a single setback (Laser 73 specifically), and I thought the factory Toyostove Setback Controller is WAY too expensive, I came up with a way to have as many setbacks as I wanted using my home automation (or you could use a simple timer that is capable of switching 120V).
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    Pictured is an X10 Home Automation Thermostat Setback Controller. It consists of a 120V wall wart, powering the box. Inside the box are three resistors. Each resistor can be turned on in sequence with a slider switch, located on the bottom of the unit. You can actuate 1, 2, or all 3 resistors to create increasing heat to fake out the Thermistor of the Toyo Laser into thinking the room is way warmer than it actually is. I have mine set on 1 resistor and controlled by my X10 Home Automation. I get between 4-6 degrees of setback (from 70 deg. F. to 64-66 deg. F. with an initial Laser 73 setting of 68 deg. F.) I could get a deeper setback if I engaged the 2nd resistor.
    Mine is programmed to turn off at 5:45AM to get the Laser 73 cranking heat by 6:00AM (it can take up to 15 minutes for the residual heat to dissipate and for the Laser 73 to react. On again at 7:00AM when I leave. Back off at 4:45PM, and finally back on again at 11:00PM.
    This system has worked for over 6 yrs without a problem.

    Greg Hall
    Tech Editor Productions
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