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MagBlind was born out of necessity. Most of us here at Gnatem are renters, and we all faced the same problem when moving to a new location. About a week in the Vertical Blinds would start falling, first because of the cats and then "The Captain". Once they fell we would find tape at the top, a previous tenants attempt to “MacGyver” the blind. It never worked and our living rooms became unsuitable for guests.
MagBlnd is very easy, simply attach the 2 Magnets with 3M VHB tape to the top of the broken slat and insert the metal into the stem of the blinds. Then attach the blind to the stem. The magnetic force is strong enough to hold the blind and swing at a greater degree than before, while allowing for all the same functions. MagBlind can also be used for non broken slats in order to prevent ever breaking them.