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Thread: Burner Pots

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    @rrob311 or anyone else that might be interested I have a compete burn chamber rebuild kit for a 21, 22, or 422 which includes a new burn pot w/new burn mat, flame ring and all the gaskets needed to do a rebuild. I'd bought it a few years ago and have since bought a complete used heat exchanger, with a used pot that's still in good shape to use for a spare. I've rebuilt it and have it sitting on hold where I can put it in in a moments notice. Just take the complete heat exchanger out of the heater, replace it with the extra and be back up and running in probably an hour or two then I can work on replacing needed parts in the other one as I have time and won't feel rushed because I don't have any heat. I'm just trying to make back my money on the kit and will take $225. for it. When I rebuilt mine in the winter of 2012 I didn't have an extra heat exchanger and had to wait for a warmer day so the heater could be down for several hours while I pulled the heat exchanger, cleaned up the pot, put in a new burn mat and flame ring, then reassembled everything. I lucked up and found the used parts heat exchanger w/pot, used igniter, and used flame detection rod all for about $100. It's worth $100 to me just to know I can change it and be back up and running in a short amount of time. I've also bought a used pump, mother board, and thermistor and have them on standby just in case. Again I lucked up and was able to buy all those parts for about $75. I figure I've probably pretty much got repair parts for any likely breakdown that would put the heater out working order.
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