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    Electronics protection....

    We replaced the old analog tv today, along with a new surround sound unit. In the past I used Belkin surge protectors. They failed every time there was a power failure. Each time I lost one of the components. One time we smelled something burning and found that the surge protector was in flames! Usually the first to go is the surround sound unit. But we have lost vcr's and dvd players as well. So, I want to use something quality enough that will not only actually protect the components, but not catch fire as well. What brands are out there that I can look at?

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    call a specialist to check your wiring
    brands: Onkyo, JBL

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    I wouldn't recommend basing your reliability ratings on manufacturer; products can vary widely from the same company. But rather on the minimum clamping voltage of the MOV's (Metal Oxide Varistors) in the protector, and their ratings in joules. Some protectors also come with indicator lights showing if the MOV's have taken too many hits, and are now no longer protecting. They can only take so many total joules, and then they are used up. So based on that in your high overvoltage location, be sure you have a very high joule rating and indicators that show fail-safe status.

    If you can shop based on those criteria, then additionally comparing Amazon ratings (if available) can be a further guide.

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