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Thread: Laser 73s leaking fuel, fumes

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    If the fuel sump valve is leaking and dumping fuel into the air side of the burner you will need to do a couple of things. Either fix the valve or replace it with a new sump. Fixing the valve could be as simple as cleaning the tip off. You do have to be very careful to get it back correctly. Test it with the top off to be sure your work is good. Be sure the level of your fuel tank is not too high as per spec. If the inside of the sump has any sign of corrosion you will have to replace the sump. You are going to need to pull the burner off and inspect the bottom of the pot. There is a pad under the burner that may be soaked with fuel. If so it will have to be replaced.

    Nobody welds Toyotomi heat exchangers. You can not guarantee what goes on behind the weld, as you can not see inside. Most of the time you have to replace the heat exchanger. BTY, that is the most expensive part on the whole unit. As I stated before, if the exchanger is cracked there is a good chance the burner pot is warped.

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    OK I will take apart the sump and see what happens. The other unit does not have the rubber line going from the sump to the burner. There is definitely a problem with it because I am only using a 5 gallon tank to feed it. Hopefully it is something easy. These Toyo heaters seem a little bit easier to work on than the Monitors.

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