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Thread: is this mold?

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    is this mold?

    if not what it it?

    u can see where i smeared it with my finger.

    several spaces on several walls have these. Never seen them before. Clean them off and a few weeks later they might return, in the same area or a different place on the wall. Always 4 to 10 or so spots in each small area. One or two areas like pictured on each wall. Not every wall every time that I look, but anywhere from zero to 2 or 3 areas like pictured have these. Even cleaned all the walls with bleach. Still they come back.

    AC is run every day. So, shut it off and opened the windows and the same wall things appear.

    This is rental apartment behind my home. West central Florida. Walls were last sealed and painted 5 years ago. Six year tenant chain smoker left in 2005 and we have over the years sealed the walls/ceiling so many times, still we smelled the smoke. So, in early 2012 we doubled sealed the walls and applied the current paint job and installed a new ceiling.

    Concrete floor and we replace the carpet with every new tenant.

    The last tenant was there for 11 months and moved out a few weeks ago. He did not smoke.

    there are only a few areas with these spots on some of the walls. Not a lot. Last tenant said he was constantly wiping them off, however, he never told me about this while he was living there, which the rental agreement requires. Previous tenants never said anything and I dont remember seeing these wall things between tenants.

    Tenant from 2012 to 2014 complained about EVERYTHING, so she would have if she saw even one spot. That however was just after we applied the two coats sealer and that green paint. She did not smoke.Click image for larger version. 

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    If this come back, that is definitely mold, sorry.

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    Mold is a spore like a mushroom. Household mold is either green or black. The orange looks like something is bleeding through from the back of the sheetrock. Could be rust from a screw or nailhead.

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