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Thread: 5 year burn chamber rebuild update

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    The other thing you can do to extend the time between overhaul is to cut off the last bend of the flame sensor. That's the last bend that makes the sensor go straight down. That little bit removed from the sensor will not affect it's operation. It will however get the sensor away from the edge of the burner ring. This is not a guess here, this has been done by just about everybody that has serviced a Monitor here in western Alaska for almost 20 years. If you look at Toyo flame sensors you can see that the rod does not have to be right between the wall of the burner and the ring, it can be above the ring a little and still be in the flame. Tom

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    Tom, thanks. So what the cutting of the flame sensor rod does, is to make it less confused by a warped burner ring? It still detects flame even if the ring top has mushroomed significantly? Perhaps Monitor designed the sensor to detect deformed burner rings, because they are operating at less efficiency than unwarped rings? Still if any maintenance operation can be done that prolongs refurbish intervals, that pays for itself in labor hours.

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