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Thread: 5 year burn chamber rebuild update

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    5 year burn chamber rebuild update

    The reason for this thread is for people who are looking for cheaper/easier to find alternatives to MPI products and want to know how well they last. I used cheaper products, thanks to HayZee518 for this information. Lots of people on this forum have used cheaper alternative products in their chamber rebuild, but no one I know of has reviewed them after several years service. I rebuilt the burn chamber in my Monitor 422 5 years ago this month. I used a new MPI flame ring, McMaster-Carr product 8799K3 for the burn mat, McMaster-Carr product 9323K21 for gaskets and Rutland 77 stove cement for gluing the mat. The McMaster-Carr 8323K21 material is much stronger and less brittle than the original MPI gasket material. After 5 years of service I still have a nice even blue flame and no signs of problems. There are other McMaster-Carr products that will probably work just as good, you'll just have to decide for yourself which one you want to use. At the time I did the rebuild a new flame ring, more of each McMaster-Carr product and Rutland stove cement than I'll use in my lifetime cost less than $100. Next time I need to do a rebuild the only cost associated with it if the pot is still good should be a new flame ring. I'm in a warmer area of the country than many using Monitor heaters, so my heater doesn't run as much. The original flame ring, burn mat, and gaskets lasted 16 years on my 422 and I probably average using about 125 gallons of kerosene per winter. My 422 is now over 21 years old and still running great. The only parts I've replaced on it are the parts for the burn chamber rebuild and a new time/temperature controller. Some of the buttons on the original controller got so they didn't work very good. Thanks to another member of the forum I was able to replace the controller with a new one for $100., which was less than the cost of getting the old one rebuilt. I still have the old one in case I ever need to have it rebuilt for future use. For the past 6.5 years since moving to our new home I've been using capsule tanks and recently started having problems with the fuel not wanting to feed to the oil reservoir. I took the filter beneath the capsule tank out and soaked it a few hours in vinegar (mild acid) and it's doing great again. Thought I'd add this information in case anyone else ever has a similar problem. Carburetor cleaner or a similar item would probably work fine too, but I didn't know what effect it might have on the plastic or the filter media.
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