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Thread: Freezer starts to -18 deg then stops working...

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    Freezer starts to -18 deg then stops working...

    I have a BEKO ZSA 436 freezer bought in 2005. A year ago it stopped working and I unplugged it. 2 days later I plugged it in again and it started and worked for the past year. Then I defrosted it and it started up OK to -9 deg for 10 hours or so and then stopped. I unplugged for some time and it restarted OK to -18 deg for about 30 hours then stopped.

    I now have noted that when freezer not working but plugged in over 24 hours or longer the compressor is very very hot. Unplugging, the compressor cools down over several hours and then re plugging the freezer it starts working but only for 6 or even 24 hours then stops again I suppose when the compressor overheats.

    With these symptoms what is the problem - compressor or thermostat? thanks for advice.

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    Exclamation Compressor overheating

    The compressor overheating could be due to a failing compressor, poor voltage to the appliance (like could be caused by running it on an extension cord) or depending on the type of compressor used in it, possibly a problem with the compressor starting device and/or compressor capacitor ... if used.

    A thermostat problem could not cause the compressor to overheat.

    Dan O.
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