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Thread: Toyostove Repair Video's

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    Toyostove Repair Video's

    A few years back (might be more than 10 by now) I came across a website for Toyostove repair video's by Al's Discount Heating, I believe he was on the east coast (Maine if I remember correctly), his website was pretty lively and he seemed to know a great deal about Toyostoves and even offered a DVD for service and repair. I think he also offered aftermarket gasket sets for the burners that would last far longer than stock as well. Anyways I thought it was pretty neat and tried to order the video set, however I was a bit disappointed to find out that they didn't ship to Alaska. To make a long story short I have since found an archived page of his-(home dot gwi dot net backslash rinnaiheater ) ; but I don't think he is around anymore..........I am wondering if anyone ever purchased a set of video's from him and if so was the information valuable? I would also be interested in purchasing the video if anyone has it laying around? It has been on my mind for the last 10 plus years, keeps popping back in - I think it's one of those unfinished business type of things that I can't get out of my head. Any and all responses welcomed
    home dot gwi dot net backslash rinnaiheater dot

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    Al's was a bunch of hooey! He took it upon himself to re-manufacture the whole Monitor heater. hE MADE/MACHINED HIS OWN PARTS AND CHARGED WAY TOO MUCH - SOMEWHERE AROUND 300% MORE THEN mONITOR. aNYWAY HE'S GONE. (doggone caps lock keeps getting in the way)

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