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Thread: Monitor 30 or 20 solenoid valves.

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    Monitor 30 or 20 solenoid valves.

    i have two monitor M20s and I need the two solenoid valves that are in line the after the pump system going into the burner pot. I was informed that the 30 has the same inline valves. If anyone knows where I can get new or used solenoid valves it would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jim

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    You seem to be talking about the Safety Solenoid. Yes the solenoids for M20 and M30 are the same. The safety solenoid has a Ohm value of 1700Ohms and a voltage of 105DC at the board. The safety solenoid part number is 4030.

    How much trouble shooting have you done on them? There is no pump on either of those heaters. The fuel gravity feeds into the burner.

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