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Thread: 422 works well, but very slight exhaust odor, only at start of each cycle

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    422 works well, but very slight exhaust odor, only at start of each cycle

    Question: on these 422's, do the heat exchangers or combustion chamber ever "wear out", from repeated decades of expansion / contraction? Such that they eventually develop micro cracks or warpages?

    My 422 is working well here. But at the beginning of maybe 20% of the on-cycles, a very small amount of exhaust gas is smelled.

    It's only noticeable in the first few seconds after the circulation fan starts running. After that the exhaust smell is gone and everything is fine.

    The unit has 'always' had some exhaust whiffs, even before I did a burner pot and ring replacement (new parts and gaskets) in October 2017.

    I have used soapy water to check for any air leaks at the beginning of cycles (combustion fan running), by applying the soapy water to the obvious joints and gaskets, including both ends of flue. Flue ends were also cleaned in Oct 2017 and new Monitor O-rings installed. One of the local 'experts' from the kerosene company said these old Monitors eventually just start to warp or leak gasses because it is a positive pressure system (as opposed to the Toyotomi, which is negative.) Not sure if that was completely unbiased, because the same company is pushing customers to purchase new Toyotomi replacements for their old Monitors.

    Anyone here recommend or have experience replacing the heat exchanger or combustion chamber?


    William Croft
    Mount Shasta, CA
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