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Thread: Spare Parts

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    Spare Parts

    I'd been wanting to find an extra combustion fan assembly, circulation fan assembly and time/temperature controller for my 422 to go along with the extra complete burn chamber with pot/flame ring/heat exchanger, motherboard, pump, igniter, flame rod, and pump to pot fuel line I already had. Yesterday I was looking on eBay and found a seller I've bought used parts from before had all 3 of those parts plus the vacuum safety switch. I sent them a message asking them what they would take for all the parts if I'd buy them all as a package deal. They sent me a message back saying they'd take $120. including shipping for all. This should put me in pretty good shape for service parts for the rest of my life. I may never need any of the parts but to only have about $200-$250 in everything it's pretty cheap insurance. Anyone know of anything else I should have on standby?

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    $120 is a great price. I would even get one more burn ring. Once those disappear, its "game over" for the 422.

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