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Thread: Monitor 441 - yellow flame...what should it look like?

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    Monitor 441 - yellow flame...what should it look like?

    Hello again folks,

    Usually my husband takes care of our monitor, with the help of this forum. He rebuilt the burn pot about two years ago and replaced the burner mat. Last month, my husband passed away. I always watched him work and asked questions, but now I'm on my own, and I need to learn more.

    My husband used to open up the heater in the fall, vacuum it out, change the outside filter, clean the inside screen filter, and bleed the heater before firing it up for the winter. I just did all this, and replaced the round gasket in the lid of the burn pot and the gasket on the flame detector rod (they were falling apart). I didn't replace any other gaskets, but checked all the screws to be sure they were snug but not torqued down.

    When I fire up the heater, it does it's pre-check, then I get a nice blue flame around the ring, then, when the fan sound shifts my burner ring glows red and I still have a blue flame around the ring, but I get a tall, big yellow flame near the front of the pot, in front of the window. The after a bit, the heater shifts again, and the yellow flame goes away and the burner pot cools down. I remember my husband saying a yellow flame isn't good, you want blue. But a friend of mine says hers always has a yellow flame during certain cycles (though hers is a 2200 or 2400, I believe).

    My manual says yellow flame is an exhaust issue, so I checked the flue connection and tightened all the clamps on the exhaust hoses. This didn't change anything. Maybe it's fine, but I want to be sure so I don't damage anything running it if something is wrong. I did notice gaps between the outside house siding and the rubber ring that sits against it. I could caulk this if it's needed.

    If I need to replace the burn mat and/or gaskets in the window and igniter, I have the parts, and I'd rather do it before it gets really cold. But if this is normal and heater is running right, I'll leave well enough alone. Thank you for your thoughts.
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