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Thread: Maytage top loading washer

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    Maytage top loading washer

    I have an old Maytag heavy duty top-loading washing machine Model A112, Series G4. I bought it used many years ago and have never had a problem till now.

    The house I am renting has a back porch for the laundry and the floor slopes. When we first moved in, we balanced the machine, but the floor isn't the best in the world, so from time to time, we have had to rebalance the machine. It is now up on plywood to keep it level at all times.

    In the meantime, it appears the machine has developed a spinning problem, because it shakes and vibrates terribly now, even though it is balanced.

    I am wondering if something in the machine has gotten out of kilter and needs to be replaced - something to do with the balance staying balanced when spinning. It only does it when it spins.

    I don't have a manual and am trouble finding a repair manual.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Thumbs up Maytag 'Dependable Care' Washer

    I am wondering if something in the machine has gotten out of kilter and needs to be replaced
    I would say that's a good possibility. Using washers on unstable flooring often leads to damage or misalignment of internal suspension components. It should really be avoided.

    washing machine Model A112, Series G4
    The series is likely 04. They hadn't yet gotten into using letters for the series number on that age of product.

    I am trouble finding a repair manual.
    That is one of Maytag's original "Dependable Care" washer designs. You can get a repair manual for them at the following link:

    LINK > Maytag 'Dependable Care' Washer Repair Manual

    In the days your washer was made, manufacturers didn't change washer designs for years and years. Since then, Maytag has had 3-4 different washer designs, none even close to as good as those Dependable Care models were. If at all possible to keep them going, they can continue last for years.


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