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Thread: garage door opens and closes by itself

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    garage door opens and closes by itself

    I have a problem with my garage door opening and closing at all hours of the day by itself.

    It does this about once every three or four days.

    Got any ideas?

    I have an older Craftsman model.


    Curious homeowner

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    Try changing the code in the garage door opening transmitter. Maybe somebody has the same code as you have.

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    unexpected open and closing

    If your garage door opener is working when it is not suppose to be working there are several things that could be wrong.

    If it is older than 15 years, get a new one, especially if it does not have the photo eyes for safety.

    We will assume you have a newer operator.

    First erase all memory codes from the motor unit and reprogramm all remotes including the keypad.

    Next, determine wether or not the remotes are defective. A defective remote with a bad battery or weak battery will sometimes emit false signals to open or close the door. You can do this by removing the batteries from the remotes and see if the activity continues.

    then check the wiring to the wall button and photo eyes. If any wires that lead to the wall button terminals on the back of the motor unit are bare and crossing each other the unit will activate upon touching of bare wires.

    Then remove the wall button from the wiring and determine if it is bad, if it is the door will operate fine while the wallbutton is disconnected. Otherwise it is probably good.

    Lastly replace the reciever/logic board in the unit. They do go bad and will go bad if struck by lightning.

    If this does not help, replace the unit with a new one. prefferably a Liftmaster.


    I almost forgot. If you live near a military base, some of their signals may be causing the problem in which case you would have to replace the reciever board, with one of a different frequency.
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