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Thread: tips to touch up exterior wood trim

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    Unhappy tips to touch up exterior wood trim

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to touch up some paint on the exterior trim of our house. I did have the color matched up and have started scraping the buckling paint. This process is taking forever. Is there an easier way to scrape the paint or maybe sanding down the uneven areas. Since I do not need to repaint the whole trim and only sections where the paint has chipped I am a little confused. Do I need to use a primer since I am repainting with the same color? Help?

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    the original paint bubbled for some reason - moisture, leaking rain gutter, a hard driving rain, poor surface preparation to begin with. clean as much off by scraping and power wire brushing, apply a couple of coats of KILZ exterior primer, then finish paint. KILZ is alcohol based so it'll dry in ten minutes

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