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Thread: Whirlpool ED25PQ Ice Maker

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    Whirlpool ED25PQ Ice Maker

    My Whirlpool side by side ED25PQXFN01 refrigerator freezer is having problems with the ice maker. Frost is forming on the bottom of the ice maker dispenser and the top of the door part of the dispenser. If I don't clean the frost off fairly frequently, it gets to where the door won't hardly open because it is practically frozen shut. The ice maker is making ice just fine. I called my local repairman, and they replied that it sounds like I have a leak somewhere, but they can't get out to fix it for awhile. I've pulled the dispenser out and looked, and I don't see any leak, although I have felt that I heard a leak periodically before from the refrigerator.

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    Ice *dispenser* frosting

    If frost is forming mostly around the dispenser mechanism and components in close proximity, I would think the dispenser ice chute flapper door may not be closing properly... for whatever reason. There is a repair kit for that door (see the following link) which contains some of the components you might want to inspect further on your fridge.

    LINK > Ice Chute Door Kit


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