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Thread: Squishy water sound when sitting on toilet

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    Squishy water sound when sitting on toilet

    Hi there, I have a couple questions regarding my toilet. I noticed that a few days ago that when I sit down on the toilet there is a squishy water sound where the caulk is, is this from a faulty wax ring so I'd need to replace that?

    Also when I sit down on the toilet and only when I sit down on the toilet I hear a drip drip drip drip, but it doesnt make that dripping noise unless I am sitting on it, any thoughts?

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    it could be possible that the toilet flange is not fastened to the floor. the closet bolts connect the pot to the flange with the wax ring as the gasket. if your toilet pot body is sitting on the floor and the outside bottom corner has a flexible caulk between it and the floor, water is trapped between the toilet and the floor and squeezes out when you sit on it. also the drip drip could be the supply tube moving a little to leaking between the 1/2 inch thread and the nut and supply tube.

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