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Thread: Wiring a Disconnect box

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    Wiring a Disconnect box

    Long story short, an electrician that lives nearby gave me a list of everything I need to hook up my air compressor in my garage. I have all the necessary items and now it is time for hookup this coming weekend and he is unavailable. I have found a pic online of the 30 amp disconnect box that I have and was wondering if anyone can tell me how to wire in and out the romex 10/2 that I have for it. It will be installed in the far end of my garage, so I will have to wire it from the compressor to the box, then outside, buried in pvc into the house and then to my fusebox in basement. He did show me how to wire it to that, but since he did a walkthrough when I didn't have the supplies, he didn't tell me exactly how it would be set up inside my fusible pullout. Thanks for any input..

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    the two terminals on top is your LINE input. the two bottom ones are your LOAD terminals. the bar in the middle is your neutral wire connections. let me caution you that what you are installing is called a sub-panel, the wiring rules are different than regular romex. your feeder size is #10 gauge. you cannot run romex inside conduit of any type except for mechanical protection where the wire enters or exits the ground trench. you need four wires run out to your pullout. two hots, a neutral and an equipment ground [case ground] the neutral bar, the thing in the center cannot be bonded to the case. #10-3 type UF with ground will satisfy the requirement. the wire needs to be buried 24 inches down in rock free sand and covered with sand, then your topsoil goes over that.

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