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Thread: Shower caulk turns yellow and collects dirt

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    Shower caulk turns yellow and collects dirt

    We re-caulked the sliding glass door frame last summer. It is leaking again and turned yellow.

    Is there something that works and doesn't pick up dirt and grime?

    Thank you.

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    For those applications, I use 100% silicone caulk. Don't cheap out on it, you don't want to repeat this for as long as possible.

    Regular kitchen and bath caulk will not hold up very long in a shower. Make sure you remove all traces of the old caulk before you put in the silicone. Rub it down with some alcohol and let that dry for a few minutes.

    If you've not used 100% silicone before, you may want to use some tape and mask off about 1/8" on either side of the joint. After you put the silicone in and smooth it out, remove the tape immediately.

    Should last for a few years, provided water isn't getting behind it from some other location.

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