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Thread: Sylvania compatible breakers?

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    Sylvania compatible breakers?

    Hi! Any education on this is appreciated. I have a 30 year old home with a 200 Amp Service, Sylvania brand circuit breaker panel. Since Sylvania no longer makes circuit breakers, what breakers are UL listed or approved to go in the panel. Any seems to work fine, but I was told I should only use UL approved breakers for that panel. Is there a web site that lists what companies make approved breakers for this panel?

    Thanks in advance for any help or humor.

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    sylvania panels are modelled after GE, Crouse-hinds, Challenger, Westinghouse. some are full sized stabs some accept half breakers. the buss stab is split for half sized breakers. the breakers themselves might have a metal tab that goes into a half breaker space.

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