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    Filter the fuel.

    Sort of an update. I continue to filter my Red Dyed Off Road Diesel. Yesterday, it was $2.89 a gallon. The sham red dyed K-1 is at $3.89. I clean the

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    copper pipe corrosion.

    Chlorinated water can eat copper just like a low PH.

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    copper pipe corrosion.

    Replace all the copper with PEX, the stuff is cheap and its a no brainer to install, that's why the unskilled are all using it, and the plus is no one

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    GE Refrigerator Model TFX20JRBKWW

    Thanks for the reply Dan, found the problem, a bad defrost heater. Refrigerator is up and running again..!!

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    Dan O.

    Kenmore washer tub removal

    Sears Canada doesn't make their product information available to the general public. There is no way for me to look up to see what washer design you're

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    Kenmore washer tub removal

    Yes it is a Canadian model. Not sure if there is an = for a American model. I'll try the methods you mentioned and let you know.


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    DIY Toyostove Setback Controller

    Since the Toyo Laserís only have asingle setback (Laser 73 specifically), and I thought the factory Toyostove Setback Controller is WAY too expensive,

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    Dan O.

    Kenmore washer tub removal

    I can find no listing for such a model number. Is it by chance a Canadian model? If not, please double check it.

    If your washer is

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    copper pipe corrosion.

    If corrosion does occur, look into epoxy lining instead of repiping everything. Look up E-pipe or epoxy pipe lining.

    Unless you know they're

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    Kenmore washer tub removal

    I know that there have been other posts concerning the inner tub removal on Kenmores. They were a different model number than I have though so maybe the

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